Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Interview with Krzysztof Bobiński - Eastern Partnership Forum: where voices of civil society sound loud and clear

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is facing a major challenge – to define its role in a fast changing and diverse political landscape, as the EaP countries move in so many different directions, says Co-Chair of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Steering Committee Krzysztof Bobiński in an exclusive interview for he EU Neighbourhood Info Centre.

What is the role of the Civil Society Forum in the Eastern Partnership?

The CSF aims to strengthen civil society in the EaP countries and to foster cooperation and the exchange of experiences between civil society organisations from partner countries and the EU. The Forum strives to boost pluralism in public discourse and policy making, by holding governments accountable, and by promoting fundamental freedoms, participatory democracy and human rights. We also focus on communicating the goals of the EaP to the general public in the EU and partner countries.

The Forum brings together civil society organizations which monitor the situation, advocates for reforms and provide policy inputs at the national level with the ultimate goal of bringing the EaP countries closer to the EU.



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