Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Forum adopts Steering Committee reform

The 6th annual meeting of the Forum has approved a streamlined, 13-member Steering Committee which gives more weight to the EaP national platforms, combined with EU representation directly connected to the Working Groups, while creating five Working Group Councils, each with representation from every EaP country, strengthening co-ordination and inclusivity in the operations of each Working Group. Each Working Group council will also have an EU co-ordinator.

The reformed composition of the Steering Committee comprises six country coordinators, 5 working group coordinators and up to two EU Advocacy coordinator and replaces the 19 member Steering Committee.

The reform has come into force on the 20 November 2014. Therefore, the new Steering Committee for 2014-2015, has been selected according to this structure.

This approach draws on all the positives of the current framework - wide representation, covering all Working Groups, National Platforms, and EU representation - but works to make operations more efficient - replacing an inefficient, large Steering Committee with 19 members focusing on procedural and organisational matters, distracting them from focusing on the task of co-ordinating and supporting the activities of the Working Groups and NPs themselves - , and to ensure that all Steering Committee members have clear roles and direct links with the work of the NPs or the Working Groups.

Adopted Reform

List of Steering Committee members (2014-15)


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