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Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Документы ФГО ВП 2009

Recommendations. Working Group 1: Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance & Stability

17 Ноября 2009

Meeting in Brussels on 16 November 2009, the participants in the Civil Society Forum group on democracy, human rights, good governance and stability decided that civil society organisations (CSOs) should be treated as natural institutional partners of the EU institutions, Member States and the Eastern Partnership (EaP) 6 authorities in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating EaP programmes on both bilateral and multilateral levels. The group took the decision to add “human rights” to its working title and suggests that the title of the thematic platform 1 of the Eastern Partnership is also changed to this effect.

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Recommendations. Working Group 2: Economic Integration and convergence with the EU Policies

17 Ноября 2009

CSOs should be recognized by the EU and Eastern Partnership (EaP) partner countries' officials as genuine stakeholders in the EaP. EaP Partner governments should commit themselves to create the necessary institutional and procedural arrangements for efficient operation of social and civil dialogue in their countries...

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Recommendations. Working Group 3: Environment, climate change and energy security

17 Ноября 2009

Due to post-soviet legacy, underinvestment, and difficult socio-economic and political developments over the last two decades, energy infrastructure of EaP countries has become outdated. This makes EaP countries and their citizens even more vulnerable to climate change impacts and natural and man-made disasters. Energy security, climate change and environment are therefore important areas of cooperation within the EaP and the CSF can support civil society working on these issues through strengthening networking and information exchange and increasing CSOs access to relevant information. EaP CSF should also help identify and promote regional synergies in energy and environmental policies.

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Recommendations. Working Group 4: Contacts Between People

17 Ноября 2009

Promote and disseminate information on EU issues and the opportunities provided by the EU by developing an information society (i.e. access to internet and computer literacy) and by enlarging the network of European Information Points.

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Заявление Беларуси

26 Октября 2009

Мы, представители общественного сектора Беларуси, участники Национальной платформы Форума гражданского общества Восточного партнерства, с пристальным вниманием следим за действиями государственных органов, а также различных инициатив по налаживанию диалога между государством и гражданским обществом в Республике Беларусь.

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