Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

The fourth EaP CSF annual assembly - Stockholm, Sweden

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum annual event was held in Sweden on 29-30 November 2012.

Click here for the texts' of all resolutions and documents adopted by the plenary session of the CSF12

Click here for highlights of speeches of the opening speakers of CSF12 and bio's of the speakers and panel members.

The Evaluation Forms for the CSF12:

Evaluation form in English

Evaluation form in Russian

There were 583 applications to participate in the Forum, out of which 202 organisations were selected by the Steering Committee in line with the eligibility guidelines - drawing on shortlists by the country co-ordinators (in conjunction with the national platforms), the working group coordinators, EU facilitators, and the European Union delegations in the six Eastern Partnership countries). The eligibility criteria were set out in the call for applications, available here.

The selection process included a goal of having 40 per cent new participants compared with the 2011 Forum. This was achieved - as 45 per cent of participants did not attend the 2011 event in Poznan. In addition, 34 per cent have not attended any of the three annual Forums to date. In the case of EU delegates, with an increase in applications, 50 per cent of those selected did not attend in 2011.

For the first time in the history of the Civil Society Forum the opening of the conference was being livestreamed so you could follow all the opening speeches live on the internet. For video's of the opening speakers, please click here.

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