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Regranting Projects

Infographic on EaP CSF Re-granting 2015

In 2015 the EaP CSF Secretariat for the first time launched a call for proposals in the framework of the new regranting scheme to sub-grant projects with an Eastern Partnership regional dimension that would contribute to the mission and objectives of the EaP CSF. This call aimed to support the work of the five thematic Working Groups. The regranting scheme will see new editions in 2016 and 2017.

Last year the Secretariat received 42 proposals, out of which 31 passed the eligibility screening. The majority of the proposals were submitted under the priorities of the Working Group 1 “Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance & Stability” and Working Group 4 “Contacts between People”.

The Selection Panel decided to provide funding for 15 projects following the implementation of specific recommendations communicated to the applicants. Most of the selected projects cover more than three Eastern Partnership countries.

The selection process included:

  • selection of proposals that should be potentially supported based on the rating and comments of the Selection Panel’s individual members
  • discussion of each proposal and the Selection Panel agreement on recommendations, as well as on the grants amounts

The level of participation was high with many applications of good quality and with the requested amount that exceeded several times the total budget available for this scheme.

Best project ideas received EaP CSF awards during the 7th Annual Assembly in Kyiv: 

  1. WG1 project ENP East Media Freedom Watch 
    Lead organization - Independent Journalism Centre, Moldova. Partner organizations: Internews Ukraine, Yerevan Press Club, Union of Journalists Yeni Nesiln, Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics and Belarussian Association of Journalists. 
    Project output: Report on the State of Media in Eastern Partneship Countries  
    Media Freedom Watch website

  2. WG3 project Energy Union and Energy security in EaP countries 
    Lead organization - World Experience for Georgia. Partners: individual experts from all EaP countries. 
    Project output: Publication "Energy Union and Energy Security in EaP Countries"

  3. WG 4 project Culture Coding EaP
    Lead organization - Centre for Cultural Management, Ukraine. Partner organizations: European Cultural Foundation (Netherlands), Centre for Social Innovations (Belarus), Charity and Support Fund “Flying University” (Belarus, Lithuania), International Foundation LEA (Georgia), Centre for Cultural Policies (Moldova). 
    Project output: Publication "Cultural Code of Eastern Partnership" 
    Публикация "Культурный код Восточного партнерства"

List of Selected Projects and Lead Organisations

Working Group 1

Working Group 2

Working Group 3

Working Group 4

Working Group 5

  • Stronger together: the new social dialogue in EaP (Bureau of Social and Political Development, Ukraine) 

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