Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Our Work in Progress

Our Work in Progress

Five Working Groups (WGs) have been established within the CSF. Four of them are organized along the topics of the thematic multilateral Platforms of the EaP, while the fifth WG on Social Dialogue, set up in 2012, has no parallel thematic platform. The five WGs are:

The Working Groups meet once a year in Brussels to discuss the common goals and activities that have been put forward through the respective working group structures in the EaP countries. Representatives of the WGs implement their own projects, regularly take part in EaP expert panels and multilateral platform meetings, where they provide expertise and gain valuable insight and contribute to achieving the main goals of the Forum. Networking and communication and joint projects continue throughout the year within national and regional setting between the members of the Working Group.

The linkage between the Steering Committee and the participants of each WG are provided by the WG Coordinators, two per working group – one from an EaP country civil society organisation and one from the EU. The Coordinators are elected by members of the WG at the annual Forum and are tasked with the coordination of activities of the members of the WG.

Annual Working Group Reports - 2014- 2015

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