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Working Group 5 - Social & Labour Policies and Social Dialogue

WG5: Social & Labour Policies and Social Dialogue


The EaP CSF Working Group “Social & Labour Policies and Social Dialogue” was set up at the fourth CSF meeting in Stockholm in November 2012. It is the only Working Group of the Forum not modelled after a Platform of the multilateral track of the EaP, although members of the working group advocate for the setting up of a Platform 5 focusing on social policy and employment within the EaP or – if this should not be possible – for the establishment of a sub-platform under the existing Platform 2 (Economic integration and convergence with EU policies) focusing on social and employment trends.

WG 5 identified the following issues as its priorities of action:

  1. Labour Migration and Trafficking for Forced Labour
  2. Multi National Enterprises
  3. Informal Employment

Goals of the Working Group

The Working Group focuses on:

  1. social policy
  2. labour markets
  3. social rights
  4. social dialogue
  5. social and economic issues pertinent to the EaP countries
  6. promotion of European Norms and International Standards as defined by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, the European Social Charter and the International Labour Organisation
  7. raising awareness of the civil society in EaP countries about social dialogue and its implementation in the EU countries


The following thematic sub-groups have been created within the framework of WG5 in order to coordinate the work in the respective areas:

  1. Social Dialogue
    Coordinator: Ihar Rynkevich, Public institution League for Democracy Development "Civil verdict"

  2. Social Policy 
    Coordinator: Naira Arakelyan, Armavir Development Center


Siarhei AntusevichBelarusian Congress of Democratic Trade Unions, EaP Coordinator,

Reporting and News

WG5 Annual Meeting Report, July 2016

WG5 Annual Meeting Photos, July 2016

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