Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Statements 2016

The Steering Committee adopted the following statements in 2016:

    1. Statement by the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum on the persecution of Ilmi Umerov endangering his life, 29 August 2016
    2. Statement on the Arrest of Hovsep Khurshudyan and the Recent Developments in Armenia, 1 August 2016
    3. Statement on the Murder of Pavel Sharamet, 25 July 2016
    4. Statement on the Hostage Crisis and Detention of Protesters in Armenia. 19 July 2016
    5. Statement on the Attack in Nice, France, 18 July 2016
    6. Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Francis, 17 June 2016
    7. Statement on the Mass Shooting in Orlando, Florida, 17 June 2016
    8. Statement on Possible Delays in Introducing Visa-Free Regime with Georgia and Ukraine, 26 May 2016
    9. Statement on the Release of Khadija Ismayilova, 25 May 2016
    10. Reaction of the Steering Committee Co-chairs on the Occasion of the 101st Anniversary of Armenian Genocide, 24 April 2016
    11. Statement on the Results of the Non-binding Referendum in the Netherlands on the Ratification of the Association Agreement in the Netherlands, 12 April 2016
    12. Appeal to the Members of the Armenia and Azerbaijani National Platforms of the EaP CSF, 11 April 2016
    13. Statement on the Release of Several Political Prisoners in Azerbaijan, 18 March 2016
    14. Statement on the Release of Nadiya Savchenko, 09 March 2016
    15. Statement on the Lifting of EU Sancitons on a Number of Belarusian Officials, 23 February 2016 
    16. Statement on the European Parliament Resolution on the Human Rights Situation in Crimea, in particular that of Crimean Tatars, 5 February 2016
    17. Statement on the Deteriorating Human Rights Situation in Armenia, 1 February 2016
    18. Open Letter to the High Representative Mogherini and Commissioner Hahn on Situation in Moldova, 29 January 2016

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