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Armenian civil society after twenty years of transition: still post-communist?

A new study assessing the current state and post-Communist development of civil society in Armenia has recently been published by the Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis and American University of Armenia. The book, entitled “Armenian Civil Society after Twenty Years of Transition: Still Post-Communist?”, was written by Valentina Gevgoryan and Yevgenya Paturyan. 

The research project sketches out a conceptual framework for civil society, the impact of communism and the relevance of generational change in the context of Armenia using a number of qualitative research tools including the collection of public opinion and organisational survey data. 

Unlike other studies, the publication tries to expand the time-frame of research conducted on civil society in Armenia to cover the last twenty years of development. 

Based on the results of the study, the authors conclude that “mistrust and disengagement are indeed noticeable, but there are reasons to believe they are conditioned by current social and political problems as much as they are an echo of the past.” 

Full study 

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