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Call for Proposals from DFATD: Support SMEs in Ukraine

Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD) is launching a call for proposals to support the growth and competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ukraine.

This call is valued at as much as $30 million over a period of six years (2015–2021) and is open to Canadian organizations or Canadian-led consortia only, which could include partnership with Canadian provinces and/or Ukrainian-Canadian diaspora organizations.

DFATD intends to fund three to five high-quality proposals to support SMEs in Ukraine. DFATD may decide to fund any number, or none, of the proposals submitted for consideration.

The deadline for submissions of proposals is August 4, 2015, at 3 p.m. Eastern Time (UTC-5). 


The call for proposals is designed to support projects to increase SME growth and competitiveness in Ukraine in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. 

Proposed projects must be designed to contribute to the achievement of the following ultimate outcome:

Ultimate outcome: Improved economic opportunities for Ukrainian women and men in targeted regions.

This call for proposals is open to Canadian organizations (including Canadian-led consortia) that:

  • are legally incorporated under the provincial, territorial or federal laws of Canada, and have their main place of business in Canada;
  • meet the minimum eligibility criteria as listed on the application form; and
  • have organizational experience managing and delivering international private sector development programming, preferably in the SME sector and preferably in Ukraine or another transition country in eastern and central Europe.

Application process

For a detailed description of the application procedure, go to the DFATD website.

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