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Civic awakening: The impact of Euromaidan on Ukraine’s politics and society

This paper, published by FRIDE assesses the impact that the Euromaidan revolution has had to date on Ukrainian society and politics. It argues that although the longevity of the incipient democratic transition is far from assured, the changes to date are unprecedented and profound. The post-revolutionary phase brings with it new opportunities and challenges.

First, the paper sets out the political background to the Euromaidan revolution and discusses its uniqueness in the context of Ukraine’s post-Soviet history. It briefly describes how Euromaidan developed from pro-European student protests into a fortified resistance camp demanding regime change. The second part of the paper discusses recent important changes within Ukrainian civil society in terms of its composition, modes of mobilisation and reform agenda. Thirdly, the paper discusses the changing relations between civil society and political actors, and assesses the impact that civil society can have on Ukrainian politics. It also stresses that closer relations with the EU is an important element in the strengthening of civil society. Finally, the paper proposes a number of recommendations as to how the EU could maximise its support for Ukrainian civil society. 

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