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Committee of Ministers of Council of Europe approves 2015-2017 Action Plan for Ukraine

The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe approved on 21 January an action plan for Ukraine for the period of 2015-2017. The action plan is a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the Ukrainian authorities and aims to support “Ukraine in fulfilling its statutory and specific obligations as a Council of Europe member state”.

Through this action plan, the Council of Europe is to assist Ukraine in its reform agenda in the areas of human rights, the rule of law, and democracy. The co-operation between the Council of Europe and Ukraine should benefit state institutions, civil society and the public at large.

The action plan will tackle areas such as constitutional and justice reforms, democratic governance, combating economic crime and protecting human rights.  It will also emphasise the accountability of public authorities, equality and non-discrimination, and participation and empowerment of persons in Ukraine.

Its implementation will be jointly assessed by the Council of Europe and the Ukrainian authorities through a Steering Committee established for this purpose.

The projects in the action plan are to be funded by the Council of Europe’s ordinary budget and voluntary contributions, including the European Union/Council of Europe Eastern Partnership Programmatic Cooperation Framework (PCF).

Full Action Plan for 2015-17

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