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CSF Steering Committee statement on current situation in Azerbaijan

CSF Steering Committee statement on current situation in Azerbaijan

                                                                             25 January 2013


The recent clashes in Ismayili  between demonstrators and  security forces  show a growth of political and social tension in the country in this election year. The arrests and fines imposed on demonstrators were discussed by the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum in Brussels. The members of Steering Committee expressed their deep concern about the developing political and social situation in Azerbaijan, which is a  member of the EU’s Eastern Partnership initiative.    

The Steering Committee  calls on the Azerbaijan government to respect political freedoms and civic rights including the right of free assembly and freedom of expression.  The Committee urges the Azerbaijan government to implement reforms to combat the widespread corruption which has triggered the present social unrest and to engage in a dialogue with opposition parties and representatives. A fair distribution of incomes must be ensured as well as free business  and property rights and political reforms which see free and fair elections this autumn in Azerbaijan.

We call on the international community including the EU to follow the situation in the country and encourage the government of Azerbaijan to resolve the present conflict peacefully.



Steering Committee


The PDF version of the statement can be found here.

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