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Push for Customs Union Turns Friends to Foes by Anders Aslund

In his article for The Moscow times  - 'Push for Customs Union Turns Friends to Foes' -  Anders Aslund discusses Russia's  Eurasian battlefront, making a short analysis of the main political tensions between Ruassia and  Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. In the light of the recent discussion of the Customs Union, he argues and concludes: 'The Customs Union is a disaster for all involved, but most of all to Russia, which it isolates. Economically, its protectionist collection of semi-developed countries keeps all these economies back. Politically, Russia's relentless aggression to bring countries into its union turns potential friends into foes. In various ways, Russia has to pay for the costs it causes others, leaving it with the bill. Nobody suffers more from the Customs Union than Russia'.

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