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EaP CSF Monitoring Report: Moldovan Parliamentary Elections 2014

CSF monitors at the Moldovan parliamentary election have called on the country’s authorities to strengthen procedures to control election financing and to put into place transparent rules for the de-registration of candidates charged with breaking financing  rules.

CSF steering committee members Lasha Tughushi from Georgia and Krzysztof Bobinski from Poland underlined that the election on November 30 2014 had been conducted in a calm and peaceful atmosphere and saw  a wide range of political options presented to voters.

The CSF monitors criticised the last minute de-registration of the Patria Party accused of receiving election funds illegally from Russiaand said that “the deregistration of a candidate or a party list can only be accomplished after the full process of law including an appeal procedure has been exhausted. The issue of transparency in such cases is paramount. 

The team also called for stringent implementation of election financing rules and election monitoring of Russian language media in the country including full identification of the ownership of media organizations.

Full monitoring report 

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