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How to increase the efficiency of the European Dialogue on Modernisation?

Andrei Yahorau, the Director of the Centre for European Transformation, has written a policy paper on the current status and development problems of the European Dialogue on Modernisation with Belarusian society.

In the paper he gives a detailed overview of the state-of-play of the Dialogue and analyses all stakeholders involved. He identifies the problems and obstacles of the dialogue, namely the strategic uncertainty, the absence of the subject of communication form the Belarusian side, the public stakeholders’ weak involvement in the Dialogue and the problem of competences. After a comprehensive elaboration of two alternative strategies for the reorganisation of the Dialogue - support of authoritarian modernisation and support of conventional modernisation - he provides recommendations for increasing the efficiency of the European Dialogue on Modernisation at the level of all different stakeholders in order to follow the more desired path of conventional modernisation.

The full policy paper is available in English and Russian.

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