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Assessment of the Environmental Component of the EU-Ukraine Bilateral Cooperation

An "Assessment of the Environmental Component of the EU-Ukraine Bilateral Cooperation" was prepared within the project of the same name within the activities of Working Group 3 on "Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security" of the Ukrainian National Platform of the EaP CSF. The project is supported financially by the International Renaissance Foundation.

The aim of the project is to give precedence to environmental issues in the bilateral EU-Ukraine relations for:

  • improving the implementation of the environmental component of the Association Agenda and the EaP Roadmap
  • strengthening the capacities of WG3 to participate in assessment and monitoring as well as to lobby environmental issues
  • promoting a regular dialogue between the civil society, government and the EU on environmental issues

The assessment published provides a very good overview of the progress achieved concerning the environmental parts of the bilateral relations between the EU and Ukraine and gives comprehensive recommendations on how the situation can be further improved.

An executive summary including the main findings as well as all conclusions and recommendations is available in English.

The full assessment is available in Ukrainian.

Project funded by the European UnionEU