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Euromaidan: Russia and the European Choice of the Ukrainians

The history of EU-Ukraine relations is a tale of missed opportunities, paradoxes, and misunderstandings, according to Jan Pieklo, director of the Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation. Pieklo argues that the situation is compounded by Russia’s unwillingness to recognize Ukraine as a truly sovereign nation, and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s successful diplomatic maneuvers in the region. “The EU has a rather limited capacity to respond properly to this challenge, but, in cooperation with NATO, should prepare a plan in case of a black scenario of possible conflicts and deepening chaos spreading through the region,” Pieklo writes. “The strengthening of transatlantic relations and a rapprochement between the Old Continent and the United States could be the only long-term option for reversing this negative trend. It will take time and it needs a political will on both sides, as well as consensus among the EU member states”.

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