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Getting on the Right Track: The EU Eastern Partnership

On 25 May 2011 the EU Commission and the High Representative presented a strategic review of the European Neighbourhood Policy: ‘A New Response to a Changing Neighbourhood’. Policy recommendations.

To revive the Eastern Partnership, the Eastern Partnership Summit on 29-30 September 2011 should result in a clear and strong European vision for the partner countries.

The principle of conditionality should be applied carefully on the basis of clear criteria and benchmarks to avoid isolation of any partner country. Increased EU engagement in protracted conflicts should only be considered once the political will and necessary capabilities of the EU have been established. Targeted visa freedom should be granted to businessmen and students from partner countries.

Partner countries should be granted increased EU market access for agricultural and metal products to provide them with short term and visible benefits that encourage them to further strengthen their relations with the EU.

The EU should engage more strongly and rapidly to civil society in partner countries and should do so with greater flexibility and support. Clear criteria and procedures for the European Endowment for Democracy and Civil Society Facility should be developed fast to support ‘deep democratisation’.

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