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Policy brief "A European foundation for democracy: what is needed"

The extraordinary political developments in North Africa and the Middle East have triggered many changes in EU policies. Ministers ritually promise firmer support for democrats in Arab states and more broadly across other regions too. A range of European initiatives for enhancing the effectiveness of democracy support is now taking shape. One of these proposals is for a new organisation to deliver democracy assistance, a so-called European Endowment for Democracy (EED).

The idea remains controversial and questioned by some member states. Moreover, even if an EED is established, urgent consideration is required of the way in which it should operate. This policy brief lays out guidelines for what is needed if an EED is to enhance the effectiveness of European democracy support.

Policy brief is avaiable for download

Source of information: FRIDE

Date: September 2011

Author: Roel von Meijenfeldt

Project funded by the European UnionEU