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Press articles on the Eastern Partnership region from week 15.04-22.04

Please find below a selection of recent interesting press articles on the Eastern Partnership region:

Andrew Gardner analyses the added value of the Cox-Kwasniewski diplomatic mission in order to resolve the differences between the EU and Ukraine concerning the issue of selective justice:

David Rinnert and Florent Parmentier discuss the need of improving French-German Cooperation in the Neighbourhood of the EU, as both countries “share the same bed (neighbourhood), but not the same dream (political vision)” for the region. They identify Transnistria as the best test case for a strategic initiative of both countries in the neighbourhood:

Liliana Barbarosie takes a closer look at the call for resignation issued by the former President of the Republic of Moldova concerning the current President, whose past as a soviet judge signing an order in 1987 to confine a prominent dissident in a psychiatric hospital was recently revealed:

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