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Press articles on the Eastern Partnership region from week 12.04-29.04

Please find below a selection of recent interesting press articles on the Eastern Partnership region:

Andrew Gardner reports on the worsening political crisis in Moldova where the Constitutional Court ruled on that Prime Minister Vlad Filat should not be allowed to create a new government:

Halya Coynash looks takes a closer look on the ability of the Ukrainian President to earn royalties for books he has never written:

Anna Maria Dyner analyzes the worsening economic situation in Belarus, which might lead to further key industries being sold to Russian businesses. As this increased dependence on Russia is also not in the interest of the Belarusian leadership, this might provide an opportunity for the EU to press for modernization and the release of political prisoners in exchange for economic support:

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster was remembered in a huge range of ceremonies on 26 April, 27 years after the tragedy. While Radio Free Europe reports on those commemorations:, Giacomo Manco from New Eastern Europe presents the mostly unknown Ukrainian National Chornobyl Museum in Kyiv:

Brian Whitmore analyses the current situation and future prospects of Saakashvili’s United National Movement, which since losing the elections also sees its public support eroding:

Brian Whitmore also takes a close look on the difficult relationship between Georgia and its northern neighbour Russia, which Prime-Minister Ivanishvili aims to improve:

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