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Press articles on the Eastern Partnership region from week 29.04-06.05

Please find below a selection of recent interesting press articles on the Eastern Partnership region:

Andrew Gardner reports on the warning statement issued by the EU on 3 May concerning the latest developments in the Republic of Moldova, where a decision adopted by the Moldovan parliament would give itself the power to remove judges from the constitutional court of the country:

Olga Adamczyk analyses the report on “Public Administration in EU Eastern Partners: Comparative Report 2012” published by the Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership concerning the state of public administration in the EaP countries:

Andrew Rettman takes a closer look at the option that Ukrainian President Yanukovych faces after the verdict of the European Court of Human Rights, which stated that the decision to put former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in pre-trial detention in 2011 was “arbitrary and unlawful”:

Roman Grom analyses the backgrounds of the Russian announcement to build the Yamal-Europe-2 gas pipeline, which will further decrease the need for gas transit though Ukraine while not bringing huge benefits to Belarus:

Commissioner Füle visited Azerbaijan last on 2-3 May and underlined that the EU is committed to further developing bilateral relations with Azerbaijan citing energy cooperation as a fast developing area in this regard. However, he stressed the great importance that the EU attaches to the respect for human rights and democratic principles:

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