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Public Administration in EU Eastern Partners: Comparative Report 2014

The Estonian Center of Eastern Partnership has published a comparative analysis of the state of Public Administration in the EU Eastern Partners in 2014. The report presents the level of compliance by public administration of the Eastern Partner countries with EU Principles over 2009-2014 period, along the following criteria: 

A. Reliability and Predictability 

B. Openness and Transparency

C. Accountability 

D. Efficiency and Effectiveness, and 

E. Consolidating Indicator “Public Institutions”

It also gives an overview per country. 

According to the report, the main accomplishments of public administration reforms in the region included the strengthening of civil society and e-governance. From across the Eastern Partnership, Georgia has been a front-runner in public administration reforms alongside solid performance from Armenia and Azerbaijan, the findings of the paper suggest.

Volodymyr Kuprii, one of the coordinators of EAP CSF Working Group 1 on Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance and Stability is among the contributors to the report. 

Full report


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