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Statement of AZ NP protesting against violence and increase of repression



the Azerbaijan National Platform of Civil Society Forum of Eastern Partnership protesting against

 violence and increase of political repression  in Azerbaijan



28 January 2013


Azerbaijan National Platform, uniting strength of leading civil society of the nation, is deeply concerned about the violence, unjust high fines and arrests carried out by Government, especially law enforcement bodies during the latest protest actions within the rights of various social groups. Severe use of force to suppress the action of protest by employees’ at Bina Trade Centre on January 19th, 2013, also the inhabitants of Ismailly District on January 24th, 2013, and the arrest with high fining (between 385-3333 USD) levied on certain groups of participants in the youth initiated protest action on January 26th, 2013; these incidents and the excessive use of force by law enforcement bodies does no good to the stability of the country, instead it only adds to increase the political tension in the country.  Famous right protectors (Intigam Aliyev, Melahat Nasibova), journalists (Khadija Ismayiloba, Shahvalad Chobanoglu), former conscience prisoners (Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, Emin Milli) including activists of political parties and youth organizations are among the detainees.

National Platform is of the consideration that the reasons for dissatisfaction between various social groups and the Authority are that: providing the ordinary citizens with their constitutional rights has long been neglected; the restriction of social and economic freedoms; hindering the formation of civil society.

National Platform considers that the present-day approach of the Government in showing strengthen though repression will lead to more political tension in an election year, and the deterioration of pre-election democratic atmosphere. 

Reminding the Azerbaijan Government about its obligations on democratization of the country, provision of highest rule of Law, respect of human rights, conduct of political dialogues and reforms taken within the European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership Programme, National Platform calls for creation of an atmosphere for free expression; put an end to punishing the people for their thoughts just because it is not the popular thinking among the government, and ensure right to free gathering; to demonstrate political endurance towards local and national public debates. 

Furthermore, National Platform calls the European institutions, OSCE and other international organizations to express their concern to all that is going on in the country; requesting that these institutions enter into renewed dialogue and cooperation with the Government on ensuring political freedom.


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of Civil Society Forum of Eastern Partnership 

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