Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

A summary of resolutions adopted by the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

At the plenary session of the Fifth Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum more than 250 delegates of civil society organisations have agreed on the priority issues for the Forum by drawing resolutions. In the coming weeks the Forum based on discussions during the Civil Society Forum in Chisinau will develop its recommendations to the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius.  The following resolutions have been adopted by the Forum:

The Civil Society Forum reiterates its support for the Eastern Partnership (EaP) as an effective and peaceful mechanism of promoting democratic reforms including the establishment of the rule of law and sustainable market mechanisms in the six EaP countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, and calls on the EU member states and EaP governments to retain its multilateral character.

The progress on Association Agreements (AAs) by some of the EaP countries should not cause major differences in the treatment of EaP countries by the EU. It would run counter to the basic principles of the EaP if the European Union was from now on to busy itself with monitoring the implementation of AAs in some countries and to lose sight of the need to continue to support the democratic reform process in others. Those countries which have fallen behind in democratic and economic reforms and in the drive to put AAs into place now need more attention than before.

The Vilnius summit must continue to focus on finding the best way of supporting the reform process in all the EaP countries. There can be no better way of securing the EU’s security than by continuing to work for the establishment of legitimate regimes and prosperous societies on its eastern borders. Those EU member states who do not understand this demonstrate a short sightedness which, in the not too distant past, has led to tragic calamities in Europe. Only those countries which respect human rights including a free press, which seek to combat corruption and which chose their leaders and law makers in a free and fair way are inherently stable. The European Union needs stable, free and prosperous neighbours in its eastern region. This is a message from Chisinau which the EaP summit in Vilnius must not forget. 


Joint Declaration of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum


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