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Visegrad 4 the Eastern Partnership: Towards the Vilnius Summit

This policy paper 'Visegrad 4 the Eastern Partnership: Towards the Vilnius Summit' by Alexander Duleba, András Rácz, Věra Řiháčková, Rafał Sadowski examines prospects for the further development of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) in the context of the forthcoming third EaP summit that will be held in Vilnius during Lithuania’s presidency of the EU Council in November 2013. It also looks at how Visegrad Four (V4) countries could contribute to the positive outcomes of the Vilnius summit. In particular, this policy paper aims, first, to assess the state of EaP affairs on the eve of the Vilnius summit, including preconditions for its positive outcomes; second, to identify the capacity requirements of the EaP countries (focusing on Ukraine and Moldova) in dealing with the EU offer as part of the EaP; third, to specify the capacities of the V4 countries to assist Ukraine and Moldova in coping with the EaP agenda primarily in the most problematic fields; fourth, to explore possible scenarios for the further development of the EaP following the expected outcomes of the Vilnius summit; and fifth, to outline policy recommendations for the EU and the governments of V4 countries to further improve EaP.

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