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Appeal of Ukrainian National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum on information security

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Ukrainian National Platform of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum welcomes formation of new Ukrainian government and its readiness to support the European integration and the required reforms. In this case we appeal proposition to draw particular attention to the information security provision.

Russian Federation has deployed a full-scale information war against Ukraine, focused on discretization of democratic changes and peaceful revolution experience, which threaten Russia's authoritarian regime foundations. In hourly mode contracted Russian media and agencies globally distribute outright false information on the "seizure of power in Ukraine by extremists", fictional violence, oppression of national and linguistic minorities by new government etc. Despite the overwhelming sympathy of the world's media to Ukraine, information war can be lost in some segments of domestic and global information space.

We offer the following:

 a) creation of a special structural unit within the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, which would work out strategic and tactical steps to ensure the information security, primarily to counter Russian information aggression in Ukraine and abroad. We certify our readiness to cooperate actively with the unit.

b) to conclude contracts on a competitive basis with media and PR agencies, professional organizations, NGOs , scholars and independent experts on TV and other media for the preparation and distribution of regular, high-quality English and Russian information and analytical content for three target audiences: 1. Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine (primarily, residents of Eastern and Southern Ukraine); 2. Russian Federation and Russian-speaking communities around the world; 3. An international English-language audience (especially in Europe).


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