Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Appointment of Director of Secretariat: Natalia Yerashevich

Following the registration as an international non-profit organisation in Brussels  of the Secretariat of the Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, and the invitation to the Steering Committee to apply for funding of the Secretariat by the European Commission, an open call was published for applications for the position of Director of the Secretariat.

 After examining 37 applications, and interviewing six candidates, the Steering Committee is pleased to be able to announce that the position of Director has been accepted by Natalia Yerashevich, who will be presented to the Forum in Stockholm, Sweden, on 29-30 November 2012. Natalia has more than eight years experience in designing and managing projects in civil society development. Having worked as Project Manager at  the USAID Regional Mission for Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine, she also brings fundraising and advocacy experience in Brussels as Programme Co-ordinator with Independent Diplomat. Natalia, who has an MA in International Economics and an MA in Globalisation and International Development, speaks fluent English and Russian.

The structure of the Secretariat, including the profile and appointment of a second staff member, will be decided by the director, in consultation with the Steering Committee elected in Stockholm.

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