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Armenian National Platform issues a statement on EU-Armenia relations

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The Armenian National Platform (ANP) of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) Civil Society Forum (CSF) acknowledges the Vilnius Summit as an important event that enabled to “check the realities,” to clearly and adequately formulate the achievements, failures, ambitions, and the degree of responsibility of every individual partner country and the European Union, says a statement from the Armenian National Platform.

According to the Statment, the Summit finally recorded the failure of the last years' policy of the RA, aiming at association with EU. In fact, refusing from European integration and choosing another integration model, Armenia ended up losing the most noticeable opportunity for taking its statehood on a new qualitative level and stepped on a track full of threats to Armenia’s sovereignty and national security. The possibilities for reforms in democratic institutions, human rights and other spheres became limited as a result the U-turn of the RA authorities, it continued.

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