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Banking System Investigation in Moldova Should be Transparent, Hold Accountable the Responsible and Involve Concrete Actions

4 May 2015

Following the uncertain situation in Moldova concerning the banking system investigation, in particular Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank, the EaP CSF Moldovan National Platform issued a statement calling for transparency and accountability. The National Platform considers the statements by the U.S. investigative consultancy Kroll that performed audit of suspicions transactions to be unacceptable, unreasonable and contradictory to the national interests. The absence of official information about the actions of the responsible institutions and the fact that Kroll’s report was not made public continue to discredit state institutions.

National Platform members therefore call for:

  • the publication of the full version of the Kroll’s report
  • the publication of the contract between the National Bank of Moldova and the Kroll company
  • the initiation of a criminal case
  • the request for assistance from EU institutions on the establishment of an investigation mission involving European prosecutors
  • holding responsible state institutions and persons liable for governance
  • the development of a set of actions aimed at consolidating the banking system and publication of information on those actions

Full text of the Moldovan National Platform Statement

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