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CSF Armenian National Platform Statement On CSF ANP’s Strategic Approaches post September 3, 2013

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The Armenian National Platform (ANP) of the Civil Society Forum (CSF) reconfirms its disagreement (expressed in the September 17, 2013 statement) to the RA President’s September 3, 2013 declaration on membership to the Customs Unions and participation in the formation of the Eurasian Union. ANP evaluates the following failure to pre-sign the Association Agreement with the European Union as a serious blow to democratic development and reforms in various fields in Armenia. Remaining faithful to its mission, established in the ANP Founding Assembly and its Organizational Principles, and in the light of a newly-emerged situation in Armenia, CSF ANP has initiated some modernization of the priorities and practices in its Operational Strategy. The changes seen in the political sphere, public opinion and orientations assume the revaluation of the principles, adopted by ANP, particularly regarding the dialogue with the authorities and ANP member’s inclusiveness. Besides, the dialogue with the RA authorities will be implemented from the positions, dictated by the ANP agenda and its priorities. The ANP agenda will remain aligned with the EU-Armenia relations, the directions established in the Eastern Partnership Road map, and Armenia’s policy for association to the European Union. CSF Armenian National Platform, as a platform of free, unrestrained and multi-lateral discussions and debates, will hereafter be more consistent and vigilant in applying the ANP organizational principles, implementing its aims and priorities and selecting/mandating its representatives. Full document

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