Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

EaP CSF Secretariat Meets Junior Diplomats from Eastern Partnership countries

26 June 2015

On 26 June, a group of Eastern Partnership (EaP) junior diplomats, who take part in the training programme by the Netherlands Institute of International Relations "Clingendael", visited the EaP CSF Secretariat premises to learn about the Forum's activities and its involvement in fostering the bilateral and multilateral relations of the EaP countries with the EU.

A brief introduction by the EaP CSF on its initiatives, current and future projects as well as challenges in the region was followed by a discussion. The discussion focused on the EaP CSF achievements, flagship publications, such as Eastern Partnership Index report and Messages of Russian TV: Monitoring Report 2015, as well as the cooperation with the national governments and the EU institutions. In conclusion of the meeting the issue of the dialogue between the foreign ministries and civil society in individual EaP countries and how it can be improved was raised.


The Clingendael 6-week programme for the EaP junior diplomats includes both academic content and specific skills training. The working visit to Brussels pertains to a particular module which aims at facilitating a greater understanding of the organizational structure of the European Union and the regional co-operation between the EU and the Eastern Neighbourhood.

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