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Georgia National Platform Statement regarding Russian Federation’s Aggression Against Ukraine

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Georgian civil society condemns the aggression unfolded by Russian Federation against the sovereign European country of Ukraine, outlines the statement from the National Platform of Georgia.

The Russian government started interfering with the internal affairs of Ukraine earlier during the mass protests going on in Kiev and other cities. The Russian law-enforcement bodies, advisers, consultants and high rank officials directly participated in planning and implementing the antiprotest measures.

The Russian Federation did not recognize the legitimacy of the new Ukrainian government and put into operation the propaganda machine to fuel Russian ethnic separatist sentiments in Crimea and other Ukrainian regions. The separatist forces controlled by the Russian government occupied state buildings in these regions. The newly elected supreme council and its leader, grossly violating the Ukrainian state constitution, subjugated the Crimean law-enforcing bodies, declared full independence and called a referendum on secession from Ukraine. Parallel to that, despite absence of the facts of “violence and tyranny”, the buildings having the state and military importance had yet been controlled by direct assistance and participation of Russian military divisions since February 21, 2014.

Following the appeal made by Russia’s president, the Russian State Duma gave permission to the Commander-in-Chief on the 1st of March, 2014 on deployment of the “limited military contingent” to Ukraine to conduct military actions there. This decision made by the State Duma allows the Russian army to wage military actions on the whole territory of Ukraine. In response, the Ukrainian acting president put the Ukrainian armed forces on alert and called for a full-scale mobilization. This situation looks very much like Russia’s preparatory actions before the 2008 August war which were followed by the military aggression against Georgia and occupation of its territories.

By such actions, the Russian Federation not only violates the sovereign rights of Ukraine and the norms of the international law, which Russia also does recognize, but puts the regional peace and stability under risk and abuses human rights on the territory being under its control.

We call on:

Civil society in Eastern Partnership countries to express the load protest and strongly condemn the actions of the Russian Federation;

Russian civil society and people of good will by expressing the civil protest, to confront the reckless policy of their government which will bring an irreparable damage to Russia itself;

Georgian government to provide help to the Ukrainian people and its government in all possible means including political, financial, economic and humanitarian support. Also, we call the Georgian government upon to register its united position with the EU and act in full coordination with the Euro-Atlantic partnership countries;

International community to apply all possible means to stop the attempts of full-scale intervention and further occupation of sovereign Ukraine, and annexation of a considerable part of its territory planned by Russia, by imposing adequate sanctions against the Russian Federation;

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to suspend the Russia’s vote in the Council of Europe and consider its dismissal from the Organisation;

EU and NATO to suspend all formats of cooperation with Russia including Russia-Nato Commission and EU-Russia Cooperation Council;

The Unites States of America and EU to extend the Magnitsky Act to those members of Russian State Duma who voted for the decision on deployment of Russian troops to Ukraine, as well as to the Russian government officials who elaborated and submitted to the State Duma the draft resolution based on false arguments;

G7 Member States to refuse Russia to hold the G8 summit in Sochi and stop the preparation activities for the meeting planned in June;

International Financial Institutions to review suspension of the programs aimed for Russia, both planned and those being in-progress;

Ukrainian government to continue the way towards EU in line with the Ukrainian people’s choice, accelerate steps focused on countries’ stabilization and formation of inclusive and representative state structures; ensure holding elections planned in spring in transparent way and according to the high standards.


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