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Georgian and Belarus National Platform express solidarity and send strong messages to Ukrainian Civil Society

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Georgian and Belarus National Platforms expressed solidarity with the ‘partners, colleagues and friends - representatives of civil society of Ukraine, which work in favour of further European integration of their country’.

In their statement, Georgian National Platform said:

EaP CSF Georgian National Platform expresses its solidarity with Ukrainian Civil Society groups that gathered on the streets of Kyiv in protest at the Ukrainian Government’s U-turn on a long-planned EU Association Agreement in Vilnius Summit’, a statement said.

We firmly believe that Ukrainian people’s choice is the European Integration. The stake is about the establishment of the democratic institutions, strengthening of the rule of law and human rights protection, reducing corruption and eradicating poverty, increasing labour, environmental and social standards that would lead towards prosperity and welfare of Ukraine. It is a vis-a-vis to the Russian Federation ambitious through blackmailing and different types of economic and political pressures to revive the type of Soviet Union – The Customs Union – that would imply itself decreased human rights standards and increased poverty’, statement continued.

The Georgian NP called on:

• To European Union to reaffirm its strong political and financial support to Eastern Partnership Countries, including Ukraine after the Vilnius Summit for implementation of democratic reforms in line with the EU integration process;

• The citizens of Ukraine to accept our solidarity in the continuing fight towards pro-European future of our countries.

The Belarus National Platform said in their statement: ‘The Eastern Partnership initiative today is on the threshold of a new stage of its development. In this context, the recent decision of the government of Ukraine is counter-productive and prevents implementation of needed reforms and approximation of Ukrainian state and society to the European norms and standards’.

We, representatives of the civil society organizations of Belarus, members of Belarusian  National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, on the eve of the third summit of the Eastern Partnership in Vilnius express our solidarity with partners, colleagues and friends - representatives of civil society of Ukraine, which work in favour of further European integration of their country, despite the recent decision of the Ukrainian government to temporarily suspend the preparation for the signing of an Association Agreement with the European Union’.

From the situation in our own country - Belarus - we know how hard for civil society is the task of initiating and carrying out the required changes in the society when this kind of operation is not supported at governmental level’.

We express our sincere solidarity and support to Ukrainian National Platform of the EaP Civil Society Forum and in through it - to all the Ukrainian civil society organizations actively working for the benefits of their country towards European integration. We fully share the position reflected in the Statement of the Ukrainian National Platform from November 23, 2013, ascertaining the unacceptability for Ukrainian citizens the government’s decision’.

Statement of Solidarity of behalf of Georgian National Platform

Statement of support of the Ukrainian civil society organizations in favor of further European integration of Ukraine of Belarus National Platform (RU)

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