Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

How Should the Eastern Partnership Benefits Be Communicated? - Working Group 4 Discussion with Policy Makers

On 16-17 June Working Group 4 “Contacts between People” organizes the conference “Communicating the Benefits of the Eastern Partnership: Opportunities for Policies and Instruments of the People-to-People Dimension”. The event aims at exploring the communication aspects of the Eastern Partnership and includes the exchange with policy makers, capacity building and advocacy parts.

The discussion with EU policy makers from EEAS (European External Action Service), DG NEAR (Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations) and DG EAC (Education and Culture) focuses on developing the communication agenda and building its local ownership from the perspective of the people-to-people dimension.

The coordinators from the National Platforms provide an update on national policies and projects, as well as the current actions within the EaP Platform 4 on contacts between people. The working group members share information about project initiatives and identify common priorities until the Annual Assembly to be held in Kyiv on 20-21 November. The thematic sub-groups on culture, education, youth and contacts between seniors discuss the development of regional perspectives and joint support initiatives.

Working Group 4 Conference Agenda

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