Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

How you assess the Civil Society Forum? 93 respondents took part in a survey


93 participants have filled in the questionnaire on the Civil Society Forum in Chisinau, which means that every third participant kindly provided us with his or her views and ideas how to make Forum 2014 in Georgia even better. Here is a brief summary of the trends in responses:

  • More than 70 per cent of the respondents believe that 2-day format of the Forum is optimal,
  • About 20 per cent of respondents believe that the number attendees of the Forum can be decreased,
  • According to the respondents, welcome speeches, adoption of resolutions, election sessions are rivalling each other for the status of the least interesting part of the Forum. This goes in line with the suggestions to decrease the length and number of welcome speeches, make the elections process more structured, and move resolution proposing and adoption online,
  • The alarming tendency is that 14 per cent of respondents have not attended any Working Group meeting. This data goes in line with the view of 47 per cent of respondents that Working Group dimension of the Forum needs strengthening most of all,
  • According to the respondents, the plenary and panel sessions should allow more opportunities for interaction with the audience,
  • Networking, relations building, and advocacy were identified as the main reason for participating in the Forum by the majority of the participants.

'Look forward to working together with you and making Forum “a real game changer for civil society” and for the reform process in the region!', said Natalia Yerashevich, Director of the Secretariat of the Steering Committee of the Civil Society Forum in the introduction to the survey publication. 'It is only with energy, involvement and motivation of all of us, representatives of National Platforms, Working Groups, Sub-Groups, Steering Committee and the Secretariat that we can make the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum a strong structure that can fulfil its goals and objectives', she added.

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