Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Judicial Harassment of Civil Society Organisations in Transnistria Must Stop

13 May 2015

The Steering Committee of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum strongly condemns the initiation of a so-called criminal investigation by the de facto Transnistrian authorities against the human rights organisation Promo-LEX.

These and other restrictive measures are aimed at independent civil society organisations working in Transnistria based on the claims that their activities are directed against the de facto authorities of the region.

The Transnistrian Committee for Security presents civil society organisations receiving funds from abroad as a threat to public security. The pressure on human rights defenders has especially intensified since 2013. Journalists and NGO representatives are subject to intimidation by the de facto Tiraspol administration on a daily basis.

The Steering Committee rejects the claims that the defence of human rights could be used to undermine authorities in any country. Everyone has a right and a duty to defend fundamental freedoms and human rights; and it is the authorities in countries where these rights are under threat who should be held responsible for such violations, not human rights defenders.

The Steering Committee calls for this case to be put on the agenda of the 5+2 talks on the Transnistrian conflict settlement. The Steering Committee encourages the government of Moldova and the de facto Transnistrian authorities, with the support of the international community, to cooperate when human rights are violated.

Full Text of the Steering Committee Statement

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