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Key EU Representatives Present at Minsk Plenary Talks

Key EU representatives, including High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, attended the plenary talks involving President Poroshenko and President Putin in Minsk on Tuesday, 26 August.

Ashton was accompanied by Energy Commissioner, Gunter Oettinger, and Trade Commissioner, Karl de Gucht.

The officials emphasized that the main focus of the European Union was the “territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, the importance of the peace and security discussions.”  

 “We called for a ceasefire, linked to the proper management of borders. The importance of insuring that humanitarian support reached people in a proper manner, in full line with international law, and of course the political process and outreach that needs to take place.” added Catherine Ashton.

Alongside political concerns, economic aspects of the war in Ukraine’s eastern regions figured prominently in the discussions, including the impact on trade and energy transit routes.

Vice President Oettinger reaffirmed the EU’s ambition to “avoid any problems in the next months linked to the security of supply: gas for everybody in the EU28, plus the Western Balkan states, plus Ukraine and Moldova”.

It was agreed that tri-lateral meetings on economic issues between Ukraine and Russia will take place in the upcoming weeks with preparations starting Friday August 29 in Moscow.

Full Statement: Press Remarks of EU Represenatitives at Minsk meetings.

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