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Letter from Minsk by EaP CSF Co-Chair Andrei Yahorau

25 November 2015

Andrei Yahorau, Co-Chair of the EaP CSF Steering Committee (2014-2015), provided an evaluation of the EU policies towards Belarus in the Capitals Series of Carnegie Europe's Strategic Europe. The series explores how EU foreign policy is viewed in six countries of the Eastern Partnership. The contributors from each capital are asked to give a candid assessment of the EU policies towards their country, with a ranking on a scale from “miserable” to “excellent.” 

According to Andrei Yahorau, the EU’s policies towards Belarus are inadequate but both sides have another opportunity to play the engagement game. He notes in the article that if the EU wants its policies to be more effective, it really has to involve Belarusian civic actors in its policy planning and implementation. 

Article: Letter from Minsk

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