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Members of the European Parliament Signed a Letter of Support for Visa Liberalisation to Ukraine and Georgia

4 December 2015

As a result of cooperation between the EaP CSF and the European Parliament, MEPs Michaela Šojdrová, Sandra Kalniete, Jaromír Štětina and Petras Auštrevičius initiated a letter of support for visa-free regime to Ukraine and Georgia to draw the attention of the European Council and the European Commission to the substantial progress achieved by these countries in fulfilling the requirements of the visa-liberalisation package, especially in anti-corruption and anti-discrimination areas.

The letter signed by 31 members of the European Parliament underlines the urgency of the unconditional granting of visa free regime to Ukraine and Georgia in times of enormous military, political, economic and propaganda pressure on these associated partners of the EU while noting that it would reflect the genuine commitment of the European Union to the Eastern Partnership and reinforce the determination to continue reforms for a positive democratic change in these countries.

Letter of Support for Visa Liberalisation

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