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Moldovan National Platform: Clear Message on European Perspective for the Eastern Partnership States Should Be Sent at the Riga Summit

The Riga Summit taking place in the complex geopolitical situation has to bring answers on the European Union’s vision of the future for the Eastern Partnership countries.

Signing the Association Agreements with the EU by Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine is seen as a considerable achievement on the path towards European integration by the civil society across the region.

While realizing that extensive reforms are needed in the three Eastern Partnership countries, their citizens made a choice in favour of European future. In light of Russian external aggression and media propaganda in the region the European Union has to recognize European aspirations of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine based on the shared values.  Granting the abovementioned countries the right to apply for fully-fledged EU membership is seen as the necessary continuation of the EU policy in the region.

Moldovan National Platform calls for explicit recognition of the European perspective for Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine at the Riga Summit as well as for the respective diplomatic action of Moldovan Parliament and Government.

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