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Moldovan National Platform is Deeply Concerned about the Conduct of the Judiciary Reform and Fight against Corruption

9 December 2015

Moldovan National Platform (MNP) of the EaP CSF Issued a Declaration expressing its deep concern about the inconsistency of Moldovan authorities in conducting the judiciary reform and fight against corruption in the country. While noting a number of considerable drawbacks in the reform process of the judiciary and the lack of its coordination with the civil society, the MNP reiterates the previous requests submitted by the civil society to the Government and the Parliament and recommends:

  • adoption, with the utmost urgency, of the draft Law on Prosecution and the draft law amending the related legislative framework necessary to implement the new Law on Prosecution, as proposed by the Working Group that drafted these draft laws;
  • the adoption of the draft Law on the National Integrity Center, the draft law on declaration of assets and personal interests and the draft law amending and supplementing certain legislative acts, as proposed by the Ministry of Justice to the Government in June 2015;
  • suspension of any other anticorruption initiatives until obtaining the opinions of the European Union and/or the Council of Europe;
  • respect by the public authorities of the legislation on transparency in decision-making process.

The MNP also calls for the resignation of the General Prosecutor and the National Anticorruption Center (NAC) Director for failing to take appropriate actions on the financial breaches in the banking system, which lead to the deterioration of the economic situation in Moldova.

MNP Declaration (EN)

MNP Declaration (RO) 

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