Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Provisional Results of the Selection for EaP CSF Sub-Grants

19 June 2015

In the framework of the re-granting scheme the EaP CSF Secretariat received 41 proposals, out of which 32 passed the eligibility screening. The majority of the proposals were submitted under the priorities of the Working Group 1 “Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance & Stability” and Working Group 4 “Contacts between People”.

The Selection Panel decided to provide funding for 16 projects conditionally on the implementation of specific recommendations communicated to the applicants. Most of the selected projects cover more than three Eastern Partnership countries. The grant agreements are expected to be signed in the coming weeks.

The selection process included:

  • selection of proposals that should be potentially supported based on the rating and comments of the Selection Panel’s individual members
  • discussion of each proposal and the Selection Panel agreement on recommendations, as well as on the grants amounts

The level of participation was high with many applications of good quality and with the requested amount that exceeded several times the total budget available for this scheme. It is our hope that the EaP CSF will be able to provide sub-grants for a greater number of projects the next year.

Provisional List of Selected Projects and Lead Organisations

Working Group 1

  1. Promoting and monitoring EU support and cooperation in EaP countries (Association of Independent TV Journalists, Moldova)
  2. ENP East Media Freedom Watch (Independent Journalism Centre, Moldova)
  3. Coordination of the EU Assistance at national level: Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine (Open Society Foundation, Ukraine)
  4. Comparative Analysis of NGOs role in election process (based on expert visit to Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus) (Donetsk regional organization of all-Ukrainian public organization “Committee of Voters of Ukraine”, Ukraine)
  5. Adaptation of the Civil Service in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine to the Standards of the EU: progress monitoring and civil society recommendations (CCC Creative Centre, Ukraine)
  6. Visa liberalization in the Eastern Partnership and its influence on socially sensitive policy areas (Civic Organization Europe Without Barriers, Ukraine)

Working Group 2

  1. Capacity building for Georgian, Moldovan and Ukrainian NGOs to assess the economic impact of politically motivated actions (Eastern Europe Study Centre (EESC), Lithuania)
  2. DCFTA’s Opportunities and challenges for SME in the EaP countries (European Business Association (EBA), Ukraine)
  3. Strengthening Civil Society Organisations from Good2Great (Pro Civic NGO, Moldova)

Working Group 3

  1. Understanding and facilitating European Energy Security Policy in EaP countries (Think Tank World Experience for Georgia, Georgia)
  2. Eastern Partnership on the road to Paris: assessing national contributions towards combating climate change (Green Network, Belarus)

Working Group 4

  1. Elaboration of concepts and road maps for national cultural policies in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and Georgia (Center for Cultural Management, Ukraine)
  2. Monitoring of public participation in higher education governance in EaP countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova) (Agency for social and political expertise/Belarusian Independent Bologna Committee (Lithuania, Belarus))
  3. Closer Cooperation between EaP countries on ensuring accessibility to credit mobility (Institute for Public Policy, Moldova)
  4. Youth Index (National Youth Council of Moldova (CNTM), Moldova)

Working Group 5

  1. Stronger together: the new social dialogue in EaP (Bureau of social and political development, Ukraine)

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