Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Public Administration Reform in EaP Countries: Position Paper of the Civil Society Forum

A position paper on needs of Public Administration Reform al local and regional level en EaP Countries has been created by Public Administration Subgroup of the WG1 of CSF in the frames of project of The Centre of Strategic Research and Development of Georgia by the support of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Human Rights, and Transition Policy

“The CSF –is written in the Position Paper- welcomes the inclusion of local and regional authorities in the implementation of Eastern Partnership and the establishment of annual conference (CORLEAP) with this aim. This initiative will enhance dialogue between all stakeholders participating in the reforms in the countries ensuring that more consistent and consensus-based steps are taken”. The document analyzes challenges and needs for Local self‐government Reforms and for carrying out administrative reforms on regional level, and concludes with an appeals to the Committee of Region and to Local Governments.

The CORLEAP, an annual conference organised by the CoR, and chaired by its president, would provide an input to the work of the CoR in the field of Eastern Partnership, including the CoR's contribution to the EaP Platforms. It could gather 36 regional/local representatives (18 of which represent local and regional authorities from the Partner Countries, and 18 the CoR).

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