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Report on the Georgian Presidential Election by EaP CSF Election Task force

The presidential election held on October 27, 2013 puts Georgia firmly among the leaders of the Eastern Partnership countries in terms of commitment to democratization. It also creates a promising backdrop to the implementation of the Association Agreement (AA) including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) agreement which is to be signed at the Summit of the Eastern Partnership in Vilnius at the end of November.

Many local and international groups have reported on the calm nature of the election and pre-election campaign especially in contrast to the tense atmosphere which accompanied the parliamentary election in 2012. Representatives of the two main candidates told the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum - Election Task Force (EaP CSF – ETF) that neither wanted a repeat of last year’s confrontation in the light of the forthcoming Vilnius Summit. In addition media representatives reported that they were able to operate in an atmosphere of considerable freedom during the election campaign.

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