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Resolution of the Conference of Belarusian National Platform - 'The Future of the Civil Society Forum in focus the third Summit of the Eastern Partnership'

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The participants of the Conference of Belarusian National Platform of the Civil Society Forum of the Eastern Partnership, welcomed the success of this program on the regional level on the eve of the third Summit of the Eastern Partnership, which will be held 28-29 November 2013 in Vilnius and 'which can be a starting point for change in the political configuration in the region', states the Conference Resolution. For almost five years of its existence, the EU initiative "Eastern Partnership" was able to draw on the path of European integration serial number of post-Soviet countries.

At the same time, the Resolution states some concerns both within the Eastern Partnership initiative and beyond, namely:

1. The expected results for the third Summit of the Eastern Partnership will inevitably lead to qualitative changes in the political situation in the region: Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia are expected to take the path of deeper European integration, and therefore will strengthen the EU's influence on the process of development of these countries;

2. Other states - participants of the Eastern Partnership, such as Belarus, Azerbaijan and Armenia, now do not show progress in the European vector of foreign policy, and may be secondary participants of the Eastern Partnership;

3. In this situation, there is a strong possibility of diversification of relations with the countries of the Eastern Partnership of the European Union, as those countries that are more advanced on the path of European integration, will now be occupied by the practical implementation of the reform developments. At the same time, countries that show little progress, remain outside the process of rapprochement with the European Union;

4. Nowadays there is the rise of antagonism between the various regional integration programs in the region on a number of parameters: deepening of European integration in the framework of the Eastern Partnership and the process of creation of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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