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Selection Process for EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform Should be Open, Transparent and Democratic, reads Statement of EaP CSF Steering Committee

13 April 2015

The EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform (EU-CSP) has a special role in monitoring the implementation of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. The Steering Committee (SC) of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum supports the Ukrainian side in their claim that the composition of the Ukrainian delegation in the EU-CSP should be decided independently by civil society in Ukraine.

Ukrainian delegates to the EU-CSP including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well as employers’ associations and trade unions must be selected through democratic national process taking account national realities. NGOs continue to play a crucial role in the reform process in Ukraine working together with progressive business associations and trade unions, providing sustainable support for the reform programme that represents the basis of the Association Agreement.

The SC calls on the Economic and Social Commitee (EESC) to support the efforts of the Ukrainian side to ensure that the selection of the Ukrainian delegation to the CSP will follow an open, transparent and democratic procedure in light of challenges that oligarchs’ economic interests represent for the reforms conceived by the Association Agreement.

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