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Statement of the EaP CSF Armenian National Platform On recent assaults on opposition politicians and public figures

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EaP Civil Society Forum Armenian National Platform expresses its deep concern with the recent assaults on opposition politicians and public figures. Attacks were carried out against veterans Razmik Petrosyan, Manvel Eghiazaryan, Suren Sargsyan, secretary of the RA National Assembly Armenian National Congress party (ANC) faction Aram Manukyan, and ANC regional head Ashot Philiposyan causing them injuries. These incidents were preceded by car arson cases; vehicles of the members of “Pre-parliament” social-political union were burnt by perpetrators.

Chronology of the incidents, the way they were carried out, inadequate reaction of law enforcement bodies to these attacks along with the statements of deputy chief of police Lyova Yeranosyan and ruling party MPs Arakel Movsisyan and Seyran Saroyan allow to assert that the attacks were organized, or at least sponsored by pro-government circles with the final objective to create an atmosphere of fear among the general public.

Armenian National Platform of the EaP Civil Society Forum strictly condemns the attacks against the opposition and demands full disclosure of crimes, with the expectation that not only the perpetrators, but also their sponsors will be brought to justice. EaP CSF Armenian National Platform

December 19, 2014 Yerevan

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