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Belarus National Platform: What to expect from the 5th meeting of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum?

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'We, representatives of the civil society in Belarus, members of the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, on the eve of the 5th meeting of the Forum call on our colleagues in civil society organizations in the partner countries and the European Union with an overview of the current state of the Eastern Partnership, as well as with our view on the challenges and prospects for its development as an important long-term initiative of the European Union in its relations with the neighboring countries, and for the development of the EaP Civil Society Forum as an important part of this initiative. We sincerely count on the discussion of the estimates and proposals expressed in this document at the meeting of the Forum in Chisinau', says a statement from the Belarus National Platform.

'The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum is designed to coordinate the efforts of civil society organizations in the EaP countries and their partners in the EU, to promote broad involvement of civil society in the reform processes'. It must provide:

  • Lacking knowledge of the situation in the partner countries. It is necessary to return to the Roadmap concept and the Open Method of Coordination as a tool of tracking and managing the dynamics of movement in the reform processes’ framework in the partner countries. In addition, there is need of special knowledge about the internal situation in the sense of specific material: people, structures, processes.
  • Staff, expertise: reform projects, research, monitoring, evaluations, shadow reports.
  • Facilitation of promoting reforms’ processes: round tables, public hearings, engaging experience.
  • Expansion of horizontal cooperation and exchange of practices and relevant experience of reforms.
  • Tools for a broad dialogue between the EU and Civil Society of the participating countries of the Eastern Partnership.

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